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Welcome to Welcome to the free animated smiley faces index, this is a growing archive of free smileys, otherwise known as animated emoticons or smiley faces, that are often used at forums to express that little bit extra feeling into a post or just for a laugh. They almost always come in GIF format, some are static, some are animated but they are all fun and are easy to add to forum posts and sigs, social networking sites usch as myspace or facebook, MSN messenger, YAHOO messenger, your own websites, email and more! Welcome to The Smiley Guide! We don't just endeavour to provide you with thousands of free smiley faces for your email, forum posts etc you can find out all the free smiley information you need straight from this site. Don't try this at home folks! Smileys are a great source of fun, whether to use while you're posting on forums or if you just stick to email, they can easily add a laugh and a bit of colour to an otherwise bland medium. This is true of course for the rest of the net, dancing smiley courtesy of www.freesmileys.orgbut the smiley face (especially when it's free), add a colourful new dimension to text and impart a certain amount of emotion (hence the word emoticon) from the person sending the message, making them instantly loveable by many.
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Free Smileys Summary
There are an amazing 53 categories of smileys to browse from, all free Smileys and many of the categories below have multiple galleries of smileys to choose from. Easy to use and find, select the category you need for the smiley you want then just browse through that categories galleries. If you have javascript enabled then you can just left click on the code box you need and the javascript will select all the code for you, then it's just a matter of right clicking and selecting copy from the menu. We now also take submissions, check out the contact page for my email address and email any smileys you would like added Smileys. There are now nearly 4,000 smileys and emoticons on, plenty to keeop even the most ardent smiley lovers happy and they can really add a lovely level of expression to any web page, be it a forum, blog, email or messenger even. There's loads of instructions on how to use them, really simple and with screenshots to make them even easier and of course, if you need any more help just send me an email and I will get back to you asap Smileys. All the smiley faces here are free to use and hotlink to, we have all sorts of smileys available, from,
Emoticons Alot of visitors find the site and use it mainly for the smileys, however, smileys aren't the only thing you will find on There are also animated emoticons or signature graphics, when I first started adding them they were added as smileys but I got to thinking, Emoticons they're not really smileys are they? And although they can be used on msn, blogs, shout boxes, forums, websites, social networking sites, emails and the like just like regular smileys can they are waaaaay different. Emoticons As you'll see below we have hundreds of the cute little gifs, Emoticons most of them are animated and I guess really they are considered emoticons by alot of folks but when I split them from the main galleries I saw their main purpose as being used in peoples sigs on forums, which is what I used a fair few of them for.

Here are the galleries I currently have on the site, don't worry, I have more I need to add, it's just finding the time!
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