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  chat acronyms and their meanings
While not strictly anything to do with smileys, the acronyms people use on the net go hand in hand with emoticons and smileys. For those of you that are just getting into chatting, here's a convenient list of acronyms used on the many chat programs and on forums today.

AFAIK as far as I know
AFK away from keyboard
ASAP as soon as possible
A/S/L age / sex / location
BBIAB be back in a bit
BBL be back later
BBS be back soon
BRB be right back
BTW by the way
BUMP Used on forums to bring a topic back to the top
FFS for f***'s sake
FU f*** you
FWIW for what it's worth
FYI for your information
GTFO get the f*** out
GTG got to go
HB hurry back
H/O hold on
J/K just kidding
IDK i don't know
IIRC if I recall correctly
IMO in my opinion
IMHO in my humble / honest opinion
IRL in real life
LMAO laugh my ass off
LMFAO laugh my f***ing ass off
LOL laugh out loud
NFI no f***ing idea
NP no problem
OMG oh my God
OMFG oh my f***ing God
OP original poster
PM private message
ROFL rolling on floor laughing
ROFLMAO rolling on floor laughing my ass off
RTM read the manual
RTFM read the f***ing manual
SFW safe for work
STFU shut the f*** up
TBH to be honest
TC take care
TIA thanks in advance
TTFN ta ta for now
TTYL talk to you later
TY thankyou
THX thankyou
WB welcome back
WE whatever
W/ with
W/O without
WTF what the f***
WTH what the hell
YW you're welcome
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