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  western ascii smileys and their meanings
Betchya can't do this! Western smiley are often read from left to right and are seen as faces on their side. In many cases the nose can be omitted such as :) or with the nose :-) or with a rounded nose :o). The eyes are normally a colon : I think I made a booboo but can be a semi colon ;) to indicate winking or an equals sign to indicate surprise =). Rock your blues away! Different characters can be used to display other parts of the face depending on which emotion it is showing as you will see in the examples below.

:) or :-) or :o) or :-] or :] or =) smile.
X-P or X-p knocked out or dead
:-( or :-< or :-[ or :[ sad smiley face, frown.
:/ or :-\ or :\ or :-/ skepticism, annoyance, uneasiness, or a slight frown.
:-| or :| indecision, deadpan, a lack of response, or indifference.
;-) or ;) or !-) or ;-p wink smiley.
:-D or :D or =D laughing emoticon.
:-P or :-p or :- tongue sticking out: used to convey a joke, light-hearted sarcasm or a light hearted groan.
B-) or 8-) wearing (sun)glasses.
:-o or :-O surprise.
:-s or :-S confusion.
:-B buck teeth.
:-x "shouldn't have said that" or I have no response to that.
>:o angry and yelling.
>:( angry and sad.
:'( or :`( or :*( crying.
>:-) devilish behaviour.
o:) angel or innocent.
XD dies laughing.
:-> grin.
:*) blush.
:-* kiss.
:-& tongue tied.
<3 I love you / that.

Now the exceptions. Of course, there are exceptions to the left right smileys, these smileys are read right side up, as you would normally look at a face.

^_^ another :).
T_T crying.
(_l_) or (_x_) or (_o_)
( Y )
a bum.

Dontchya just love smileys?!
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