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  welcome to the smiley faces page

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Forum Code


Forum Code



  how to use the smileys here
To use the free smileys on this page, follow these instructions:
  • Forum Code
    If you are posting on a forum or are adding a smiley to your sig on a forum that supports BB code then use the Forum Code.
  • HTML Code
    If you are posting on a blog, myspace type site or on your own website then use the HTML Code box.
  • URL
    Use the URL box for everything that isn't covered by the two options above.
  • Email
    Some email clients such as Outlook Express and online webmail such as msn hotmail allow you to right click the smiley you want to use on this site,selecting copy and then right click in the email you want to insert it into and just paste the smiley faces direct.

Just left click the code box under the smiley you want to use and the link will be highlighted for you.

(If you have Javascript disabled you will need to left click in the box with the code of the smiley you want to use and either drag the cursor from one end of the box to another or simply press CTRL A to select everything in the box at once).

Then, press CTRL C to copy the smiley code into the computers clipboard memory then CTRL V on the page where you want the smiley to appear.

Check out the Smiley FAQ for other great uses for these smileys! Smileys

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